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Mark Walters and Devin Pike are producing what no other podcast is brave enough to attempt: a show from a pair of middle-aged white guys talking about movies! The audacity!
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Dallas VideoFest Red Carpet: Bart Weiss, PIECES OF US, FIREBOYS, AMERICAN GADFLY, More

On a very special Big Film Show, Devin and Mark return to the red carpet for the final Dallas VideoFest, with interviews of festival director Bart Weiss; PIECES OF US director Cheryl Allison and subjects Mykel Dicus, JP Masterson, Peter Moore, Dakota Keys; FIRE BOYS director Jake Hochendoner; AMERICAN GADFLY director Skye Wallin; Kermit Evans, Gene Simmons, Derrick Simmons, Joseph Frazier and Jerry Fuller from HIP HOP SAVED MY LIFE: THE ROCKETS; and NerveBreakers frontman Bob Childress from EVERYTHING IS A-OK.

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Season 1, Episode 38    |    60 min

Wrap Party: 16 April 2021

Season 1, Episode 22: Friday Wrap Party: 16 April 2021Mentioned In The Episode: Arclight, Cinerama Domes close. What’s next for the iconic theaters. [LA Times] “I’m vaccinated! I wanna go go the theater!” … not so fast. [CNN] Bert Kreischer, Mark Hamill co-star in THE...

Show Notes: Wrap Party [S01E17]

Season 1, Episode 17: Wrap Party [S01E17]Mentioned In The Episode: WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff on ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ and DC’s Future (Variety) Summer movie slate fires up on 14 May with SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW (SlashFilm) Amazon Prime debuts Season One...

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About The Big Film Show

Devin Pike and Mark Walters have worked in the entertainment industry for over two decades, and have finally figured out a podcast concept they can develop together: a weekly discussion of movies and the people who love them. On Tuesdays, the Big Film Show will alternate between looking at the great films of the Twentieth Century (that don’t have STAR WARS or STAR TREK in the title), and new releases … wherever they may be shown. On Fridays, they’ll discuss the entertainment news of the week.

New episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays.

DEVIN PIKE has been an entertainment reporter and film critic for over 30 years, for such outlets as ABC affiliate WFAA, the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Times Herald, CBS Radio, Rational Broadcasting and Time Warner Cable. He has also been an event emcee and lead interviewer for such events as the Dallas International Film Festival, Fan Expo Dallas, Gallifrey One, the Chicago Fan Nexus, and Dallas Comic Con.

In 2017, Pike organized the first Who Needs Sleep, a 36-hour telethon raising over $10,000 for North Texas cancer-related charities.

Pike holds a Bachelor’s degree in News / Editorial Journalism.

Mark Walters

Mark Walters


MARK WALTERS is the founder of, the longest-running movie news and review website in Dallas, TX. He has worked as a film critic technically since his high school days, and professionally for over 26 years, featured on major radio and television programs in the DFW area, and National news programs like The Daily Buzz. He also works as a Q&A moderator and speaker for the Dallas International Film Festival, USA Film Festival, and local film screenings with major studio talent. Mark helped start Dallas Comic Con in 2002, which he managed for 14 years, and now runs Dallas Comic Show.

Walters has hosted panels at major pop culture events like Alamo City Comic-Con, Comicpalooza, the Arnold Sports Festival (sharing the stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger during his spotlight panel), and San Diego Comic-Con.

Mark Walters is a proud member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Film Critics Association.

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